What Are Hernia Symptoms?

What Are Hernia Symptoms?

What Are Hernia Symptoms?

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  • February 4, 2019

A lump in your groin or abdomen, reflux and bloating or constipation are possible signs of a hernia

Chronic sneezing or coughing, stress and strenuous activity are all factors that can cause hernias.

In early 2018, Karen A. DiBernardo White noticed a growth about the size of a golf ball that was just below her belly button, on her left side. Within months, the protrusion grew to the size of an orange, and then about the circumference of a grapefruit.

“It was causing discomfort at first, then it got more painful as time went on,” says White, who lives in Midland, Michigan. The growth reminded White of the classic 1979 horror movie “Alien,” in which monsters grow inside victims and pop out of their skin. “I was expecting it to come out and say hello,” she says. “It was really strange. You could see it jutting out from my clothing. I was lopsided.” More…

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    When you have a hernia, it might be in one of several locations, including the groin, abdominal area, or thigh. A hernia is caused by one of your organs or fatty tissue pushing its way through the muscle or connective tissue it’s encased within. The main types of hernias include inguinal, incisional, femoral, umbilical, and …