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Our Patients And The SRC Gold Seal of Accreditation

What does SRC’s gold seal of accreditation mean for you, the patient?

  • SRC is independent and objective. Unlike some accreditation programs, SRC is not part of a medical society that uses its members to evaluate colleagues.
  • The requirements for accreditation programs have been proven to improve outcomes and reduce the time you will spend in the hospital.
  • Designees dedicate significant time and resources to achieve their accreditation.
  • SRC designees must adhere to meticulous accreditation standards, confirming compliance of these standards through rigorous inspections. Inspections include evaluation of: equipment used for treatment, patient education and support groups, treatment pathways and consultative services. Key members of the treatment team are interviewed.
  • Detailed medical chart reviews are performed to verify the experience of each medical professional applicant and to evaluate whether the care they provide is thorough and complete.
  • SRC is one of the few organizations that accredits both the medical facility and specific medical professionals. Many programs only accredit the hospital, not the individual who provides the care – the physician.


Look for the seal, expect excellence.